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Welcome to LIVE BEETLES CANADA - The number one source for live captive bred pet beetles in Canada. Founded in 2017, we are Canada's first and largest pet beetle store curating the rarest + most diverse catalogue of captive bred pet beetle species  within the Canadian hobby. Our obsessive passion combined with our relentless love for beetles drives our mission in providing  an ultra-aesthetic, unparalleled interactive and immersive educational experience to Canadian invertebrate enthusiasts, collectors, educators, museums and insectariums alike.  


With three decades of passion, love and entomological experience, LIVE BEETLES CANADA continues into 2024 pushing the boundaries of the pet beetle keeping hobby in Canada. Our vision is to grow the pet beetle hobby in Canada through the development of innovative products while continually introducing an ever growing curated list of new rare invertebrates rarely offered in the captive hobby. 

Keeping beetles as pets is an extremely low maintenance, fun, educational and rewarding experience enjoyed by people of all ages around the world. 


Our products are available at the finest specialty pet stores across Canada, Online, or at various pop - up venues and Reptile Expos.


Online orders are processed as received and shipped at the beginning of most weeks. We provide year round shipping which may include insulation + heat / cold packs. We offer Live Arrival Guarantee for all live orders shipped overnight express in the form of store credit or replacement. No returns / refunds except for DOA. All sales final. Customer service is 24 hrs via social media or email. For educators, museums, and wholesale inquiries, contact us at :


In captivity, excluding larval phase, adult beetle lifespan ranges from a few months - 5 years depending on the species. adult beetles either feed on nectar or fungi in nature, which can be accomplished by substituting fruit or beetle jelly / bracket fungi for fungus beetles. each species is graded according to max size, difficulty + preferences of humidity + temperature. 








We always strive to implement a naturalistic design  in our terraria, using materials found in the beetles natural environment. 

These mini ecosystems can be designed for purely observation of adult beetles, or mindfully designed for both observation and the continuation of a self sustaining bioactive colony. 

As a general rule of thumb, avoid substrates containing resinous trees such as pine, cedar, fir, cypress etc. instead, go for a substrate like flake soil, black earth, shredded leaf litter, top soil, peat moss, white rotten wood, etc. 


Substrate should be compacted and moist enough that it clumps but that no excess water can be squeezed out. top with leaf litter, bark, twigs and moss. Provide a background or other vertical climbing surfaces. 

For scarab, stag, rhinoceros, flower, and click beetles, mist often as needed and refresh fruit / jelly as needed. For ironclad and fungus beetles, mist occasionally. refresh host mushroom as needed. 

Lights are optional but recommended and should be led and not capable of producing significant heat. 

Species can be kept communally given appropriate provisions and habitat niches have been provided.

Breeding can be achieved by providing species specific breeding necessities, which can be added from our online boutique including breeding logs, host fungus and flake soil.


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